Thursday, November 27, 2008

What I bought

Yesterday I made a quick visit to Zara. The purpose was to buy a gift for a new born baby (which I did, I find their baby clothes adorable). But of course I couldn't leave without buying something for myself...

First I saw this beautiful cozy dress. The color is mocha (it appears grey on the picture), a belt that will go with all the bohemian trend, but also will be great for summer outfits regardless what trends are "in"...also I bought two pairs of stockings because they are all I wear at winter (I'm not a jeans person). Then, I remembered I saw this floral skirt at twenty for Seven, and I decided to get it, since I've been thinking about it for couple of months now...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My boyfriend is a bad photographer...

Actually he's not a bad photographer, he's just not a dedicated one. I was expecting him to join me on a mission and to document my outfits every single day. Instead he photographed me while he was lying on the bed watching TV...So I decided to do it myself. It's not that good picture with flash and everything, but otherwise there will be no outfit pictures in this blog...:)

This is me getting ready to work...I work at men's clothing store and since I discovered men's knits I can't get enough...

Today I did some unexpected shopping (guess where...), and I will give the full report about it tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feeling the pink (again)

It really sucks that we haven't seen a real winter yet...because I'm kind of over it fashion wise. Since July I was dreaming of chunky knits, high boots, scarves, jackets...and now, I think about summer trends again. Well that's how fashion works and I guess it's something that one should get used to.

But I think I found a nice solution...this cute raincoat is right on pink/blush summer trend. It brings color without being too colorful, and if everything goes as planned it will be mine in five days from now. It's still on Ebay, but I don't think I will be able to give it up...and will "fight" for it :) Wish me luck!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

New Boots

I finally got my hands on this pair of boots I wanted for so long...They are kind of perfect and I wear them with everyting...

While at Zara, I couldn't just leave with one pair of way...I saw a pair of booties, that I just couldn't let go of.

Reminiscent to YSL pair, they really compliment my legs because they have a wide opening. Turns out they are the most uncomfortable pair of shoes I ever owned. I wore them the same day to Nine West new collection launch, and I could barely stand in them...and it was inside the mall. Hope it will get better...

Monday, November 10, 2008

60's dress in action

Since my photographer (once again, lucky him) is on his work trip, the only outfit photos I have are of this sixties dress, that really reminds me of Missoni (the zig zags)...

I think I would be very happy to be able to dress like that every day...

P.S. My room is a mess so i had to photoshop the whole thing :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

I think I'm in love

I love everything Chloe...There is no doubt about it...I don't care whoever is the designer behind the collections, I love Chloe...
When Hanna McGibbon became the new designer for Chloe, I wasn't as happy as most of the fashion world, because I loved the collections that came before. But I also loved her spring summer 2009 collection.

When I saw this dress on Neiman Marcus website, I instantly knew it was love from the first sight.
The colors, the cut, everything about it is perfect...I only wish I had the extra 1890$ (after 40% discount).

The picture is taken from

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who doesn't like to recieve gifts?

I certainly love gifts, especially the kind of gifts that I would never get myself (I really suck when it comes to restraining myself and my shopping urges, so it's really hard to buy me gifts...). Usually my perfect gift would be a Zara gift card.

So it was a very big surprise when I received a gift from my cousin, who lives in Moscow, and loved everything about it!

I'm not a girly girl, but I do love pink in right shades and amounts. When I got the new Lanvin perfume (my new favorite) along with this cute hanger and album/frame for pictures, I was caught in a very girly mood. It went even further when my boyfriend's sister gave me a gorgeous pale apricot chiffon skirt...So now I'm in some sort of shabby chic mood and I love everything pale, washed out, green and pink...Appropriate outfit will follow...(maybe tomorrow)

If I had a better camera (still figuring out my boyfriend's new camera), this gift would be very Alix...:)

Anyway, this week is mixed with a lot of good news (fashion wise) and not so good news when it comes to my friends...I hope next week will be more balanced.