Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Lately I spend most of my time in our new apartment, rarely go out or dress up. This is mostly because redecorating, refurbishing and the rest of the verbs that describe all the chores that need to be done when you move to your new place, took much more time and effort than expected. And we're so far from being done.

In order to feel cozier in the empty carpet-less and curtain-less apartment I decided to create some focal points that will make me feel like something is coming together finally. One thing that makes me feel like home are my books. I didn't bring everything, the rest of the books will have to wait in my mom's library for their turn :)

For now I'm only concentrating on the living room, but the bedroom and the kitchen will follow next...


The type press letters were found at a flea market in NY. Later I saw someone doing the same thing on I swear I didn't copy!


The Sartorialist was a first book I bought in Milan. 


Pantones from the time I took a course in fashion design. Drawing was my favorite part and I recently re-discovered that I still love doing it. 


And while I love bow ties on models, mine will be purely a decoration at least for now. 


A rocking chair my mom wanted to throw out and I decided to adopt. I love how it's all beaten up...The new copy of Industrie magazine: I recommend it with passion!


Our friend brought us a stack of bamboo canes along with retro lampshades we now have in our kitchen and living room. Still deciding what to do with them.


Not a big fan of glass bowls, so this very heavy frying pan has a new use :)


My snugly from NY: is the warmest and softest thing ever. Stripes are quite a motive in this room.


Some school books and albums I enjoy revisiting from time to time...

I hope outfit post will follow soon. Now that I changed a city inside Israel I wonder how it will affect the pictures...

For now, have a great rest of the week and kisses!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why so serious?

Ever since I saw Chloe fall winter collections along with Prada, I fell in love with this preppy look and the knit on knit combination.


Knowing that I have the needed components in my wardrobe already (I of course wouldn't mind the Chloe set, but you gotta work with what you have...) I decided to give this look a try. I wish the sweater was a bit less bulky, so it doesn't rise above the belt, but I can live with it. 

The look is very sober, and probably a bit mature and grown up, but these are the kind of looks I like this winter. I have yet to wear this combination outside. I simply forgot when I was in NY, and now it seems kind of inappropriate here in Israel. So it will have to wait until my next trip abroad...


Getting used to be back here is a bit tough, and being sick in bed for a week while we try to move to our new apartment in Tel Aviv and look for a new job doesn't help :) But I'm optimistic and sure things will work out just the way they should. Who knows, we might even adopt a kitten by the end of the month :)


I've been after a sparkly nail polish for a while and have yet to find the perfect one, but yesterday I snapped and decided to buy the cheapest there is just to see if it fits me...well I kind of like it and it cheers me up when I look down on my nails! But I don't think you can see in the picture just HOW sparkly the nail polish is!



Sweater: Mango (very old), Skirt: vintage Yves Saint Laurent, belt: H&M, shoes: Steve Madden (old)

Have a great rest of the week! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Black or white

Of course I couldn't start the year without an outfit post!

So this is not my New Year's outfit but I wish I was someplace I could wear this next New Year's eve!


This jacket is probably the most cherished vintage piece in my closet. Real Chanel jacket with such a rare silhouette is of course a keeper! I'm just afraid I'm not equipped to take a really good care of it! I try though :)


My real problem was what to wear with the jacket. On the first outing I paired it with a simple balloon dress from Zara, but this wasn't the perfect piece to pair it with. In fact I'm still searching for the perfect shirt dress, as this one I'm wearing here is not a great quality and takes away from the wonderfulness of the jacket. The quest continues but there might be a good enough solution found this week!


I'm wearing: vintage Chanel jacket, Shirtdress from Zara and shoes from Rick Owens


Update: Finally I found the jacket in FW 1992 collection on Youtube. Look for it after 5:05 ! I was always wondering how it was styled originally as it was clearly a runway piece. Now I know :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year New Wishes

As it turned out, the place where we celebrated New Year was secluded and had no internet connection. So the posting didn't go on as planned. But I had a great time hanging out with friends, eating, relaxing, dancing and of course drinking :)

In fact I had so much fun I didn't have a chance to take a good picture of my New Year's eve outfit. It was pretty simple with touches of sparkle...I will rummage through friends' photos and try to find proper pictures. 

We didn't exchange gifts this year, but I do have a wish list - any of those items will make me super happy! I'm pretty sure I will have to get the Kenzo album.


1. "Love ring" will be a great addition to my jewelry box. I wouldn't mind adding the "Oui" ring by Dior as well but this one has a more reasonable pricing. Image via

2. Celine pouch would be the perfect evening accessory. I know I would savor it for years. And with the price being quite reasonable I can really consider it as my next big purchase. I'm still contemplating about the colors though. There are various combinations for this pouch. Image via

3. Miu Miu sweater is a classic with a sweet bow detail on the back. I can see it work with so many outfits. Image via

4. Crystal headband from Jennifer Behr. I can see myself wearing it for special occasions and I already know I will have quite a few this year. Image via

5. Miu Miu crystal brogues. I don't believe I need to explain why I NEED those shoes in my life! Image via

6. Kenzo album. This is such a great coffee table book! I spent about 30 minutes in Stimatzky just browsing through the wonderful sketches and cut out prints. Image taken from here.

7. J.Crew cashmere t-shirt. usually when shopping I look for unique and special items that will enrich my wardrobe. the result is that I'm lacking comfy basics that could make my life so much easier every morning. I wouldn't mind owning this t-shirt in several colors as well as a few cashmere sweaters for a colder weather. Image via

8. Stella McCartney silk playsuit. Paired with cashmere socks and a cozy shrug it seems like a perfect "lay in bed all weekend" piece. Image via

In addition I wanted to thank you for reading and dropping by (even though the blog has been deserted so often with all the moving around and traveling) and wish everyone a happy healthy and joyful year filled with love !!!

Kisses! Have a great week :)