Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

My absence from the blogging world has probably more to do with laziness then with anything else, but I just couldn't miss the opportunity to wish everyone Happy New Year, hope this year will be great for all of us.

Our friends are visiting us here and we'll spend New Years evening together, mostly drinking and having fun, but also we plan to ski (too bad we didn't think of this earlier and didn't manage to find a chalet near the ski resort...)
After the celebrations I'm preparing for quite an exciting month, guests and trips and's going to be busy but fun!

This year there will be no presents, as we're trying to stick to the budget + sales start on January 2nd, so it would be silly to buy full price...hope to score some good deals and finally indulge in Zara (haven't bought anything there since I came to Milan!).

This dress, however is Zara, and I love the 60's vibe it has along with the tweed texture. My mom bought it for me before I left Israel, and that's what makes it even more special...
A string of pearls to channel thaqt classic look, Chanel lipgloss, and I'm ready to meet the New Year!:)

As I promised (I'm very late with the pics and some of you have probbly seen them on my Facebook ) here are some pics of Milan in Christmas, it is beautiful indeed.

Happy New Year!!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christms time...

First tests are over, and I'm just happy to get some sleep as in average I slept 2-3 hours every night...

So I don't have many fashionable news to tell, besides that I wish I could go Christmas shopping...but don't know how I will manage that after paying the rent yesterday :)

It seems that it's going to be a white Christmas in Milan, it was really snowing yesterday and unfotunately this was also the day I decided to wear my new booties for the first time...Needless to say I almost fell about 5 times, was very close to ruin the booties and my feet were numb for couple of hours after that: lesson learned: only boots and thermal socks for winter:)

I don't know if we'll have this snow for long, because the temperatures are rising but I'm very happy to have it even for a couple of days...So it was also a great day to decorate a Christmas tree...

I don't know how much time I will have for the blog in the next couple of weeks, I hope to spend it discovering the city and having some friends coming for New Years. So I apologize in advance...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Shoe dilemma solved...

Unfortunately I didn't have time to walk around the city and take pictures, but after the test week, I will have more time and surely will do so :)

In addition to being very beautiful, Milan's streets can be very dangerous, to our shoes that is...In mere two months I managed to ruin two pairs of great booties and so I desperately needed a new pair. For couple of weeks I wasn't sure how to replace the losses...I couldn't decide if it should be one good pair or two simpler pairs...

The decision came with a help from a friend who advised me to get one very nice pair, and then maybe find another pair when sales start in some highstreet stores...

So I received these Balenciaga booties today and I couldn't be happier about them. The color is a dark chocolate brown with suede and patent leather combined together and a cool zipper in the front of the shoe...From now on I will have to watch where I walk...

Another garment (Which I bought quite a while ago in NY) is this jacket, I'm only starting to explore it, but it seems like a very versatile piece that I will enjoy for years. The stiff cut combined with sheer fluid sleeves makes it very a very special piece.

I also want to share these two articles I was featured in: One for "AT" magazine, where I'm talking about shoes along with other bloggers:

The second one is for Cosmopolitan Romania, where I'm featured along with some of my favorite bloggers around the world.
You can read the english version on Roxana's (Who created this article) blog.

So I that's it for now, Have a great weekend!

Jacket: Rick Owens, Shoes: Balenciaga, Skirt: H&M, Necklace: Castro

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lions and Tigers

I have to be honest: leopard prints were never my kind of print...Even more honest: I always thought that Russian girls and leopard prints are a big no no...(I'm Russian so I'm allowed :)) )

But then the leopard craze started, and I couldn't ignore it...So I decided to ignore my prejudice instead and bought a leopard coat from Zara. It isn't a great quality and honestly I only wore it out once...I'm still struggling with it :) But I'm learning how to combine it in quirkier outfits, to take it out of that context, because I just cannot pull that off :)

Other topics: I'm flooded with upcoming tests and presentations, and starting to feel the pressure of it all...And meanwhile Milan is getting its Christmas lights and trees spread all over the streets, it's beautiful... I hope tomorrow I will get a chance to go out and take some photos for our friends and the blog...

Today it was a sunny day, and even my pale complexion looked much better and healthier...after years of sunshine my pale Siberian roots are coming back to life (not that I was so tan to begin with) :)

And to the outfit: Coat: Zara, T-shirt: H&M, pants: Honigman, Necklace: Castro, Shoes: Sartore Paris.