Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Seriously coveting!

Although I'm not in a position to even think about shopping right now, and my bank is about to close my account...I seriously want this dress. It's on Yoox.com, on sale, for half a price.

Made by Marni, this is one of these dresses that in my opinion never go out of style...The pattern and the color palette are so versatile and sooooo beautiful. I only wish I had 430$...

Image: Yoox.com

Thursday, September 25, 2008

YSL is mine!

Well, YSL suit is officially mine! I couldn't help myself and went shopping with my mom and bought it :)

The reason we went shopping was to buy gifts for our relatives in Russia, but we ended up buying a lot of clothes to ourselves...as usual.

I started off at Castro outlet...I work at Castro (an Israeli brand), so I needed some clothes for work..and outlets are always nice...I actually found very cute stuff: a fake fur bolero, two dresses and a skirt.
Then I went to "Stella" to pick up my YSL suit...and while there, of course I found another dress!
Straight from the sixties, in pastel colors, it was so me, even my mom told me that I must buy it...so after a very pleasant time at the store, we went to Zara.

The suit

The sixties dress

I adore Zara, and I would buy half of the store if I could, but this time I fell in love with a pair of above the knee boots. They have no heels, and are very high...and very expensive. After some thought I decided that they're not worth the price, since they require very specific outfits...so I left them there, and now I'm kind of sorry.
What do you guys think about this trend? Is it worth investing in? I fell in love with the way Gala looks in her above the knee boots, but not quite sure I can pull it off....

Anyway, about the YSL suit...I'm not sure that I'll wear the three pieces together, but take them apart to make many different outfits...Kind of like these:

Jeans: Replay
Boots: Mango
Handbag: Zara
Vest+blouse: YSL

Top: Kate Moss for Topshop
Bolero: Castro
Heels+ belt: Zara
Necklace: my Grand grand mother's

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Can't stop...

Now it's official. I'm a shopaholic. Despite all the promises I made to myself, I just can't help myself when I'm in shops...

This time, I went to my favorite vintage shop, "Stella", to help the owner of the boutique to authenticate a Hermes bag she received from someone...After doing my homework for a whole weekend, I came to examine the bag. I have to mention that It's very hard to know what's fake If you never saw the real deal. But since it's kind of my hobby to tell what's real and what's fake (Especially on Ebay), I was ready to take the challenge. When I saw the bag, it wasn't that hard to tell that it's fake. Very well made, but fake...I asked myself, what a 6000$ or more bag should look like, and this bag didn't match my criteria, in terms of stitching and details...

Anyway, just to be sure I sent the pictures of the bag to the experts on The Purse Forum, and they proved me right...

Since I was already in the shop, I did a quick round and found a true treasures: a silk cardigan, very similar to those Thakoon showed on his runway for spring 2009...I just couldn't leave it there...And then...I found the most perfect vintage piece I've ever seen...It was a whole YSL outfit: a vest, a blouse and a skirt. The skirt and the vest are knitted and the blouse matches the color...very "school teacher" and very me...I just couldn't let it get away, and since I kind of already spent too much this month, I asked to put it aside for me, for a couple of weeks (Thank goodness the owner is very very nice)...I just can't wait to get my hands on it and to wear it...I'll post photos as soon as I buy it...

The photo:
cardigan: vintage from Stella
skirt: I made myself
The belt +tank: Castro (Israeli high street store)
shoes: Zara

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My perfect boots

One on my favourite blogs (in Hebrew) wrote about boots for this winter. Which raised the debate about Zara. Most of my favourite shoes are from Zara, especially boots. I got this one pair about two years ago and couldn't part with them ever since. They are the perfect black boots with just the right height, and just the right heel. They are comfortable and versatile. they are everything you need from your boots. There is no need to mention that they are pretty much worn out and I will have to send them to repair before I wear them this winter.

But being a huge shoe lover and collector, I have many boots. These two pairs are my next favourite. Both of them are from Zara.

The first pair is dark indigo. Very beautiful color that goes with so many outfits...

The second pair are very high and go above the knee...I rarely wore them last winter, but I think I'll wear them a lot this winter....

I hope this winter to get some classic designer boots. I'm thinking Chloe or Marni or maybe even Gucci, depends on the style of the boot and the price, of course. Ebay is a great place, but I found a great outlet boutique a couple of years ago, and I think I will get my boots there.
Tomorrow I'm going to Tel Aviv so I'll probably drop by...

I'm thinking simple flat boots, with timeless appeal and very versatile...but I'm still not sure about the color: black or brown?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to work

Well, I'm going back to work, after two days of sitting in front my computer and doing basically nothing.

It's still very hot outside and I'm pretty much ran out of ideas for what to wear and feel really uninspired by summer. And although winter is only due in two or three months, I'm already planning my winter outfits...(for the record, winter here is like summer in many countries...it's really not that cold)

Here are some of the outfits:

Skirt, Jacket, Shoes: Zara
Top: Topshop
Handbag: Chloe

Coat: Dior
Dress: Zara
Bag: Aldo

Skirt, Knit: Zara

Shoes: Chloe

Bag: some random label

The last one is a Louise Della Cardigan I received as a present. It's kind of crazy, but I think I will wear it a lot, because it can be very versatile...and the fur is fake, of course...

Meanwhile I'm trying to enjoy the hot weather. I had a very nice weekend, with some friends and bf renting a yacht and suntanning...

Next time I hope to show the outfits that I actually wear now...so I'll have something left for the winter

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pretty in Pink

I know it’s too soon to make predictions for spring 2009, but it’s really hard to ignore the sea of pink that flooded the New York’s fashion week runways. Since I'm obsessing over NY fashion week, it's hard not to make such observations. There was every kind of pink there is: fuchsia, blush, coral, bubble gum…You name it, they’ve got it…
My main association with pink, just as for most people is a Barbie doll. Cheesy and cheap color that is appropriate only for the Paris Hiltons of our world. But then you think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and her pink gorgeous gown…and you understand that in the right hands, pink can be very glamorous and elegant.
I think that most of the designers managed to pull of the “pretty in pink” look this time. Just look at the pink orange combo at Alexander Wang’s show. Also I loved the peony pink dress we saw at Koi Suwannagate. Even Mark Jacobs who showed not so spring- like color palette, found a place for two or three pink garments…Some chose to ignore the “fashion rules” and showed their pink with black, and it turned out great. Charles Nolan chose ladylike pink in satin, and worked it onto pink-orange jacket and skirt. Adam went for very bright fuchsia little dresses that I’m sure will become a favorite for the young Hollywood starlets. Three as Four and DKNY chose coral pink and both made gorgeous draped dresses out of it…Actually, it was really hard to find designers who didn't show pink on their runways, and you can count them with one hand…
The good thing for those of us, who are not entirely sold on this pink hype, is that there is a variety. You may hate fuchsia but you can find yourself falling in love with pale baby pink that look almost white…or a regal coral pink or a cute blush …

I personally love the coral pink and the "make up colors", and hope to find some high street clothes in these colors...Pinks will be great with gray ( see Piksi wearing a great combo
here) or beige or I just might go crazy and pair them with some brights as Alexander Wang did... Since I still have a month or two until it gets colder here, I 'm hoping to add some pink to my wardrobe very soon...

Let me introduce myself

Hi, welcome to my blog. My name is Anna, I'm 24 years old and my main obsession is of course fashion and clothes.

I spend most of my free time in front of the computer, because a) I have a fashion website in Hebrew (I live in Israel), and b) I'm obsessed with fashion blogs and I check them many times a day if I can.

My dream is to be a fashion buyer, but I love every aspect of fashion so right now, I'll take about everything. Next year I'm planning to go to Milano to do my master as a fashion buyer, so hopefully my dream will come true...

I warn you ahead, since English is my third language (after Russian and Hebrew), I'm going to make many mistakes, so I hope you'll forgive me for that. I chose English because it allows me to meet many people in such a fun way...

The reason I desided to write a blog is because, although I already have a fashion website, there is no place for me to show my outfits or express my personal thoughts ...so I needed a place for that.
And about the name of the blog...I'm obsessed with dresses, and they are a major part of my wardrobe..."that's my dress!" is exactly what I think each time I see a dress I like..so...

So there you go...