Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Same jacket, different day...

Keeping with the light colors, i wanted to create a strange combination, still in a very subtile and gentle way...So pink and orange were the prefect candidates for this mission.
I chose a longer basic skirt to complement pink and orange and added a basic wooden pump I found at Zara on sale ages ago. Besides the Chloe top, everything else, is actually Zara, from previous seasons.


I suspect this outfit not everyone's cup of tea, but part of the blog and it's purpose for me is to hold these kind of experimentations in order to see if an outfit works or not. Maybe I will rework it with a different, and in summer, the jacket will have to go, but the main thing: the color combination is something that I will definitely want to keep wearing.


Meanwhile Milan is coming out of a rainy period, with more sun but also wind...I really wish it was a bit warmer, because I am tired of covering and wearing everything with tights. I don't really like ow colorful tights look on me and always stick to the basic black so it's becoming quite a task to wear lighter clothes, because black tights immediately ruin the lightness and airiness of the look.


Besides, as I mentioned on my website, it is sample sales period, which can be quite hard, as by the end of this period (of studying and not working) I can't enjoy those sales, and they are really worthy. But I keep reminding myself that there will be other sales, every season, so it is not a lost cause :)

Have a great day! Kisses!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Do you know where you're going to...

Instead of sunny May, all we got for last couple of weeks were rainy days and grey skies in Milan.
But I am sure that my last month here will be sunny and bright, full with great times and friends.


So I am keeping up with the bright tones, feeling a bit tired of all the dark colors that I embraced this winter...The skirt is an old purchase, from Zara, and although I love it so much for the textures and the layers, I rarely wear it. Maybe because I feel it is too dressy but I guess in Milan I might feel different.


Short on time today, we're throwing a party at our place today, so must prepare everything for the feast (our friends will cook!) :)

Have a great week!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


What a busy week I had! No time for gym or blog or even sleep...
The tasks are getting more serious and hard, and only 5 weeks left until the end of the year.


Many parties and apperetivos ahead and I'm going to savor all the time I have here. Meanwhile, some interesting plans came up concerning the next step, hopefully they will come through...


This outfit is perfect for spring, combining pastel colors with my new nude blouse that I found last month at the vintage fair for 10 euros. During the daytime it will probably be flats as those shoes are kind of impossible to wear for the whole day (but I still love them!). I still need to tan, which is kind of impossible with the weather right now and I'm not really into tanning salons (maybe a fake tan cream, it is healthier?)

Finally I have some spring oriented outfits pulled together, many channeling the more minimalistic look, mostly inspired by Stella McCartney/Celine/Chloe. I am still on the fence about the clogs but I definitely plan to purchase some floaty dresses...


Yesterday was a crazy day in Milan, a yacht exhibition in Naviglio and a truck parties/parade which passed through the entire city, leaving the streets looking as if they were a war zone. So the whole day was spent following the trucks, looking at the yachts and eating!


Shirt and skirt: Vintage
Necklace: Castro (old)
shoes: Sergio Rossi