Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tone it down...

There's no other reason to explain my lack of blogging rather than pure laziness. I just didn't feel like blogging lately, have no idea why...But I had a free day and decided it's time to blog. Of course, in the middle of the day there was no one to take pictures, so timer pics again...

Today just doesn't feel like my day. Nothing I can put my finger on, but everything is a bit off, so are the pictures so I apologize.


With all the color craze, that I'm taking an active part in, I suddenly craved for some pastels...And not the typical pink on white/pale green that is appropriate for spring. something more subtle and dark. This image of Julia Frakes is one of my favorite street style pictures, just because the colors are pretty amazing. So here's my take on these colors...

The skirt was designed by my talented friend Karen,
 the top I don't remember from where and the shoes are Sergio Rossi

On other hand I dug out this picture from The Sartorialist and can't stop looking, so elegant, just the essence of spring!