Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who doesn't like to recieve gifts?

I certainly love gifts, especially the kind of gifts that I would never get myself (I really suck when it comes to restraining myself and my shopping urges, so it's really hard to buy me gifts...). Usually my perfect gift would be a Zara gift card.

So it was a very big surprise when I received a gift from my cousin, who lives in Moscow, and loved everything about it!

I'm not a girly girl, but I do love pink in right shades and amounts. When I got the new Lanvin perfume (my new favorite) along with this cute hanger and album/frame for pictures, I was caught in a very girly mood. It went even further when my boyfriend's sister gave me a gorgeous pale apricot chiffon skirt...So now I'm in some sort of shabby chic mood and I love everything pale, washed out, green and pink...Appropriate outfit will follow...(maybe tomorrow)

If I had a better camera (still figuring out my boyfriend's new camera), this gift would be very Alix...:)

Anyway, this week is mixed with a lot of good news (fashion wise) and not so good news when it comes to my friends...I hope next week will be more balanced.