Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Free of any academic duties!!!

I did it! Yesterday I presented my final project, with my group, and this was the last thing I had to do before I get my degree. This project forced me to put aside all other projects like my Hebrew website (hopefully I'll start updating tomorrow) and also all my other internet activities...
Actually we kind of sucked because we weren't prepared (speaking clearly ant straight to the point takes a lot of practice for most), and went into a complete shock when we saw about 800 people staring at us...and we got criticized a lot by the judges.

But it all doesn't matter because it's only a small part of the grade (the project itself we believe is good only the presentation sucked) and the most important, it's over!!!

Our project was a introducing Lush, which is a very cool fresh and handmade cosmetics company to the Israeli market and preparing a marketing and media campaign. You can find out more about Lush at their website.

I'm a very loyal customer and I make my friends bring me the products any chance I get. Here's a story board we came up with. The drawings are by my boyfriend's sister. I colored them with Panton's Promarkers...