Sunday, October 5, 2008

Another shopping trip

Well, this blog is becoming "what I bought lately" blog...because I went shopping...again!!!
This time it was for a good cause: I'm planning a photo shoot for my Hebrew website next week, and I needed some props in case the clothes I'll bring from the stores aren't enough.

I'm also kind of scared to take too much clothes from the stores, since it's the first time I'm doing a photo shoot with PR clothing, and some stores ask for security check...I'll make sure to post the pictures...and hope it will turn out great...

Anyway, there is this outlet store in my city, and they have the craziest stuff there...every time I get there, I buy so many things that I don't need, because I simply can't resist. For example chiffon floor length gowns, or fake fur covers, or beaded clutches and too many evening dresses for one person to wear in a lifetime...So you get the picture.

This time, I went even further...Let's just say that I can be officially called a "Sequins Queen" from now on...because I bought almost every sequined piece they had in the store. The results were: two sequined jackets, one embodied dress, a velvet coat, a Victorian style black blouse (very Givenchy), and a skirt. But that's not all. I put aside (to come back and take it next week) three dresses: yellow, red and green (I didn't pick the colors on purpose), a wonderful skirt and another coat...90% of the things I bought are not for my wardrobe but mostly for the styling projects and photo shoots.

Here are some hints to what I bought. I will photograph each item next week, after the photo shoot...maybe my photographer (b/f, he doesn't know he's a photographer yet because he's too busy working and having fun in Brazil, but in two weeks he'll find out) will agree to take some pictures of me with the new outfits...ones that are actually wearable...