Saturday, October 11, 2008

Creative Crisis

Today I'm getting ready for my first photo shoot for the website (I take the role of the stylist)...It's very exiting, and although I have a little (very little) experience in styling , this time is somehow different. First of all, it will be public and second of all,I want it to be perfect. At first I thought about doing an editorial about fall trends....I went for Bohemian Chic and plaid and goth...but then I realized that the model and the setting aren't really working with the theme...

First attempt

So I came up with this "Urban Lolita/Starlet" concept, which will include lots of furs and sequins that I bought before. But I'm finding it so hard to stick to one subject...Somehow I always slip to the more "regal" look. I doubt each outfit I built, and even though I will pick some of the clothes tomorrow, I don't feel confident about it...I was really inspired by this editorial from Vogue UK:

Of course there will be more clothes and less underwear, and the color pallet is a little bit different...but this is more or less the character I was thinking about. I hope that eventually everything will work out...Wish me luck!

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