Thursday, October 23, 2008

Just to update

Well, I wasn't feeling well lately, and I'm really behind on my posts here, on my Hebrew website, and what's more important, I didn't even started writing my 30 pages paper that I'm supposed to submit on next Friday. And my boyfriend returning from a month long work trip from Brazil didn't help either. So I didn't really take pictures of myself. But I did go shopping...initially I went to Zara to buy their special edition boots, but was really disappointed to hear that they were sold out. So I picked a jacket and a dress "instead" (pics in the next post).

And then I went to "Stella", where I go each time I'm in Tel Aviv. I absolutely love the selection and also the owner, Ayelet is very very nice. (Most of the stuff I bought the last six months is from there) This time I went with a purpose: I want to do an article about her trip to New York for an event they had there for all things vintage...So I took some pics of the clothes she brought and this particular jacket had to be modeled because otherwise you can't see the gorgeous cut it has. It's by Ungaro...The only problem I had with it were the shoulder pads, although the shoulders are cut to look a bit big...what do you say, should I get it if it's still there?

Don't ask me why I'm wearing my sunglasses...I don't really know:)