Thursday, August 27, 2009

The doubts

We all have our doubts, even when we seem to like the outfit we wear, somehow all the confidence disappears the minute we walk out the door. 

I'm sure this happened to many other girls, and it sure happened to me more then once... And that is what also happened to me with this post... Here's the story: 

Lately the stress of moving to another country got to me: having to handle loads and loads of bureaucracy  that accompanies any long term stay in another country and of course add work, a couple of projects plus a strong will to go out every night (I won't see my friends for at least one year, I have to!) and there you have it: exhaustion and confusion... That is basically why I neglected this blog and I'm kind of confused about this outfit...

I wanted to find the right bottom for my new favorite Zara shirt, and inspired by the Chloe winter color palette I opted for beiges and greens and yellows... Still wanted to keep it summery so these old bermuda shorts came to help  (Basically I'm not a bermuda shorts kind of girl so this one is also weird for me)... some neutral shoes, a Yellow vintage bag  and I was set... But... I needed more layers... In the perfect world I would throw on a cardigan but I decided to settle for this vest...

This outfit, seemed like a perfect idea, but to tell you frankly I'm not sure about it now... I decided to post it for two reasons: first is to hear what you think (in a polite and considering way please:)) ) and second: to show that doubting yourself is part of fashion...We doubt each time we take a garment out of the closet and we deliberate about it... And each time we dress is like a bank canvas: one time you get it right, the next, you get it.

On other note, this week I will finally have some free time for proper posts... And I'm going to see Madonna's show!

 Have a great week everyone!