Friday, January 29, 2010

The hair tales

If you read my blog from the beginning you probably noticed that I have issues with my hair. Unfortunately this doesn't mean that it is always perfect, it is exactly the opposite.

If not given the proper attention, it looks quite bad, tired and undecided: is it wavy, is it straight, does it have volume or is it flat? My hair has a life of its' own and only on rare occasions it looks good natural. These occasions usually occur when I go to sleep with my hair wet and wake up to find free and wild curls, giving me that effortless but chic look. But this happens very rarely. Usually I have no other choice but to blow dry it. And when I do it myself, it never looks good enough! So my next step is to get angry and just tie it in a bun...

My hair: the way it should be... back in Israel

Why I suddenly decided to write about hair? Well, there are 2 reasons: first is because my photographer is still absent, and the second one, well, you probably guessed it, I am so frustrated with my hair right now...

My savior was my good friend and hairdresser whom I visited quite religiously once a month. In Italy I went to a hair salon only one time, but the experience scared me so much, I rather put my hair in a bun...which I usually do!

What happened was that they got it all wrong: the easiest dark chocolate became a burgundy on my roots, the blow dry fell apart after only half an hour...And don't even get me started on the haircut! And I paid for it twice more than I would pay in Israel...

I miss the good hair days!!!

This tragic event led me to a very brave decision to let my boyfriend dye my hair with the simple hair color kit. Poor thing, he couldn't believe I would actually make him do it. There was some screaming, some hair pulling a stained forehead, but I have to tell you: he did well. We picked the right color, there were no obvious spots and my roots were the same color as the rest of my hair! Mission accomplished! Unfortunately we didn't take pictures, but I can assure you it looks much better than after the hair salon!

Now I need to convince him to cut my bangs and learn how to blow dry :)