Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too floral to think

The ongoing summer heat (and the humidity) making it oh so hard to be excited about dressing up or clothes, and still I developed a guilty pleasure...

It's nothing new, I get it every year, around August, I start daydreaming about fall and winter clothes. In the comfort of two (I am so grateful for that!) air conditioners I dream about cable knit sweaters, sixties (the new length!) skirts, camel coats, leather booties (Balenciaga please be mine!) and other things that make the upcoming season so exiting!


I am actually disappointed that this winter will most probably be spent in the not so cold Israel, and most of my fashion dreams will not have a proper environment (not so cold there) to be fulfilled in...Especially since last winter was a bit of a fashion blur for me. Not a big fan of Balmain and skinny pants, I struggled with finding my own way through the sequins/studs/padded etc...This winter, however was made for me. I am a big fan of what my boyfriend calls "grandma fashion" and the sophisticated grown up clothes with a modern twist make my heart beat so much faster! I have to admit: i am one of those blind Phoebe Philo followers and in my eyes she can do no wrong, I really admire what she has done with Celine and the general direction of fashion for the last couple seasons...


I have already started to collect vintage finds to help me build my wardrobe, since I can't afford Celine, Chloe, Balenciaga, Prada and Louis Vuitton pieces...One of my first finds is 70's Bill Blass vintage coat in mint condition, the perfect shape, fit , color and style!

I also plan to wear long skirts and dresses with slouchy grey sweaters with the must have item: a full circle leather/suede skirt in brown/rust hues (Zara/Castro/Vintage)...Spiced up with some military looking parka and my favorite floral dresses, I will be more than ready for fall winter 2011...

For now, Im living in floral dresses, this one is an old friend: I bought it more than 3 years ago and wore it every summer ever since...Not really creative or fashion forward but deeply loved :)

Unfortunately the little project I planned was postponed, hopefully I will have time to take pictures this weekend for it...Until then, have a great week!