Sunday, February 1, 2009

Color red

Red is a color I'm struggling with for years. I love it on other people, but not necessarily on myself.
That is why I hesitated when I bought this dress...actually it's from one of these sales where you buy 2 items and get third one for free (hate this kind of sales) but I loved the two items that I chose and was looking for the third one. After browsing a store for the tenth time I decided to get the same dress I chose in brow in a different color, which was red of course...
Last year I rarely wore it but this year I actually prefer the red over brown...I guess I'm becoming more and more like my grandmother, who adores everything red: shoes, dresses, name it, she has it in red. She's actually very stylish, I'll post her outfits someday:)


Dress: Mango

Jacket: vintage Ungaro

Flats: Steve Madden