Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

My absence from the blogging world has probably more to do with laziness then with anything else, but I just couldn't miss the opportunity to wish everyone Happy New Year, hope this year will be great for all of us.

Our friends are visiting us here and we'll spend New Years evening together, mostly drinking and having fun, but also we plan to ski (too bad we didn't think of this earlier and didn't manage to find a chalet near the ski resort...)
After the celebrations I'm preparing for quite an exciting month, guests and trips and's going to be busy but fun!

This year there will be no presents, as we're trying to stick to the budget + sales start on January 2nd, so it would be silly to buy full price...hope to score some good deals and finally indulge in Zara (haven't bought anything there since I came to Milan!).

This dress, however is Zara, and I love the 60's vibe it has along with the tweed texture. My mom bought it for me before I left Israel, and that's what makes it even more special...
A string of pearls to channel thaqt classic look, Chanel lipgloss, and I'm ready to meet the New Year!:)

As I promised (I'm very late with the pics and some of you have probbly seen them on my Facebook ) here are some pics of Milan in Christmas, it is beautiful indeed.

Happy New Year!!!