Saturday, January 10, 2009

Should I?

Well it seems like just when I wrote that posting is not so easy right now, I suddenly got the means and the time to least for now, and I'm going to use it properly.

The theme of this post is going to be capes...It all begun when I saw this wonderful cape on was from Paul and Joe. The cut and the color of this cape are exquisite and it creates really noble but "I'm not trying to hard" look...I was really fascinated with the idea of the cape but then slowly forgot about it while reminding myself that even if I love it, it doesn't mean I would neseccerily wear it...
Yesterday, while browsing around Ebay I stumbled uppon the exact same cape, only in gray. It is really wonderful and the color is even better for me since I tend to shy away from red...It costs around 300$ BUT it is Paul and Joe, and it's a very versatile piece of clothing that I'll keep for ages...and it's Sooooo chic...The downside is that I'm not really sure that I should spend this kind of money while being between jobs:)

The pictures are from Germain's blog and Ebay