Monday, September 28, 2009

Let some color in!!!

As much as I love neutrals and black&white combos, everyone who reads this blog knows that I'm a big sucker for color !

This outfit wasn't inspired or planed, but was built on a simple "matching". The color of the skirt matches perfectly the yellow hues of the blouse, and usually I would think this isn't a good idea, but it seems to work here. 

Generally I decided that there's a lack of skirts in my wardrobe. I own about 5 black skirts, all of them different shapes, but I don't own a brown skirt, or for example an olive skirt...Lack of these two colors is driving me crazy, because I can't build outfits with my favorite fall hues (and I'm planning to take care of this problem next time I'm shopping)...

Other thing that's on my mind (I have plenty of course, but here's the place I talk about fashion related subjects so...) is packing. Yes, I didn't even start packing, but considering I have only one suitcase to bring there, it will be quite a short task... Not an easy one though :)
How do you pack for one year?  Basics mostly for me, but I also want to take some key pieces with me (it's a fashion school after all). Packing for winter is not easy also because on top of everything you have to bring boots, coats, scarves etc... anyway, you get the idea... I'm screwed!!! :)

Blouse: Hanae Mori vintage, skirt: Malene Birger. Shoes: Chloe, belt: Castro

P.S: Pardon me for my blond roots peaking in every pictures and looking like I have spots of hair missing...Visiting my hairdresser asap this week:)