Friday, October 1, 2010

Time to work time to play

The weather is shifting towards real fall. I even had a chance to wear some knits!

Unfortunately I don't really have the time to take proper images for the blog so I took advantage of my "work" station and snapped a picture with the mannequin. Sorry for my tired looks, but I figured the purpose is the outfit anyway.


This wonderful and amazing skirt was designed by my friend Karen. I love the silhouette, it's very flattering and goes so well with this season's trends. I feel very fabulous every time I wear it!

The sweater is vintage Ungaro, bought from Etsy for less than 30$. I was very excited when I got this sweater. I'm very much into vintage and I love to discover interesting facts about the items I find. The sweater has an inside label of Gruppo GFT. Everyone who studied history of modern fashion probably knows that this company was one of the major and pioneer mass producers of designer clothing, including Valentino, Armani, Dior, Ungaro and many others. So it is nice knowing where your clothes come from even if they aren't new.

The shoes are my trusty United Nude pumps. All together it was very fall inspired look with a color palette to match.

Hope I'll get to snap some images soon!