Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh my!

I'm in New York and I managed to squeeze some time to do a proper post. Not that time is the problem, the problem is the internet, which is painfully slow...

Some updates: my shopping budget was thrown out of the widndow, when I decided to make myself another birthday gift at Sacks Fifth avenue and Century 21...And I managed to do all my shopping in three days!!! I say it's a good thing since now I will concentrate on museums, exhibitions, different areas I didn't discover yet etc...but I seriously hurt my bank account and I'm sure my mom will be calling me in the next few days to ask me if I have gone mad...I think I did!!! Well, it's New York and what can a girl do?


Designer goods here are soo cheap (relativley of course) ! So I bought seven (Yes, 7) pairs of shoes and also a beautiful jacket from Rick Owens (not leather, I didn't win the lottery yet, mine cost 150$), a skirt from Missoni, Adam dress, Chloe blouse, bunch of stuff from H&M, Anthropology, VS, Sephora etc...


The main reason why I did all my shopping so fast is because for the first part of my stay I'm boyfriend is sooo busy working that I only see him at nights, so I'm discovering the city by myself...there's always stuff to do or to see though...I'm not bored! The only real downside: I can't photograph myself...but We will make up for it in a next few days when he'll finish his project...


Just a sneak peak of what is lying on our hotel table...I just love the colors of M&M's :)

Tomorrow: Central Park and Soho/Nolita...and then we'll see:)

P.S: Have you noticed my latest shoe color obsession?